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These presets will give you:

  • Beautiful orange and teal tones in your photos with ease
  • Glowing skin tones in just a few clicks
  •  A faster and more efficient editing workflow
  • Complex color-grades without spending hours editing
Crazy Eye Marketing

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Check out these before & after photos edited with the orange & teal preset pack


What software can I use these presets in? 
These presets are compatible with Lightroom Classic CC (all versions), Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Mobile. I provide .xmp, .lrtemplate and .dng files so you can use them wherever you please!

When the presets are imported to Lightroom CC, they will automatically be synced with your Lightroom Mobile app.

How do I Install these presets?
Installation is super easy! These presets work with both Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. If you are using Lightroom CC, the presets will automatically sync with Lightroom Mobile, so you can use these presets on your mobile app.

For Lightroom Classic CC, simply go to your develop tab, find “Presets” in the left hand column, click the (+) plus sign, and select import presets. Import the file you downloaded after you purchased the presets. It should be in your "Downloads" folder for both Mac and PC users.

For Lightroom CC, the process is similar. Click “Presets” in the bottom right hand corner of the application, then select “Import presets”. Simply import the file you downloaded after you purchased the presets and you are good to go. These presets will sync with your Lightroom Mobile, so you can access them using your phone 🙂 
How do I use these presets?
Simple click the photo you would like to edit, then click the desired preset. After a few small adjustments your photo will be ready to share!
Sean Dalton
My path wasn't a traditional one. 

In 2016 I graduated with a Master's degree in Global Health, and shortly after my graduation ceremony I was on a plane to Thailand to work for a non-profit. Before that, I spent a few months working for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Japan.

I had a bright future in my field, and I loved the work I was doing. It was impactful, meaningful, and I met some incredible people. Yet, sitting in an office all day made me feel isolated from the people I was supposed to be helping. My camera helped me bridge that gap, and I quickly took on the role as a photographer for my organizaiton.  Within 6 months, I left that job to pursue photography full time. 

Since leaving that job 4 years ago, I have traveled across the world to expand my knowledge of the craft and chase things that inspire me. It's been quite an adventure, and a lot of lessons have been learned. 

Today, I focus much of my time on sharing these lessons and my knowledge of photography with you: the up-and-coming photographer with a massively bright future! I enjoy teaching and sharing just as much as I enjoy taking pictures, and look forward to being by your side on your creative journey. 

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